Work-Study and Community-based Instruction » INSPIRE and CBI


Our work-study program, INSPIRE, takes our hands-on training in the classrooms and brings it to a community worksite. The goal of this program is to prepare the students for transition from school to work through the use of unpaid job sampling experiences.

We currently have partnerships with the following businesses:  Liberty House Restaurant, Walgreens, Jersey City Incinerator Authority, Jersey City Parking Authority, Helen’s Pizza, and the Jersey City Public Library.

This program gives our students an opportunity to apply what they have learned in school to a real-life job. It also allows the students to be contributing members of the community, gives them a sense of purpose, and helps them to familiarize themselves with the culturally diverse neighborhood of Jersey City.

The INSPIRE program offers students:

 Motivation through real work experiences

 Clearly defined expectations

 Appropriate work habits

 Supported and/or customized employment strategies.

Community Based Instruction (CBI) is a research-based practice to facilitate the transition to adult life. Our goal is to increase appropriate social and community behaviors and to develop the critical skills necessary for an individual’s independent functioning within the community. It is important for our students to become exposed to the transactions and relationships which take place in our community.     

CBI locations include:

 Shoprite, BJ’s, Target

 Newport Mall and Hudson Mall

 Jersey City Post Office