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Principal's Message

As the principal of the Gerard J. Dynes New Jersey Regional Day School, I feel that we make efforts to establish a strong school community, which strives for student achievement and success for all of our students. Our mission at Regional Day School is to provide a comprehensive educational program that will teach our students the necessary skills to become and remain productive members of society.

The staff at Regional Day School has extensive training and  numerous years of experience teaching children ages three to twenty-one using behavioral analysis.  Instruction is provided in the areas of academics, social behavior, communication, self-help skills, community-based instruction and vocational training.  All programs are individualized and developed based on each student’s needs. We provide an appropriate alternative placement for children with autism.

I encourage parents to visit our school. During this visit, you will be given the opportunity to observe teaching methods in order to decide if Regional Day School would be an appropriate placement for you son or daughter.
Colleen Williams